Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guest Reviews and Sundry Items

The last few weeks I have taken to cooking a lot of burgers at home, which has unfortunately cut down on the new reviews. (Budget concerns -- With Mrs. Baron and the two young barons-in-training, the "new burger" budget line occasionally takes a hit to buy actual groceries.)

But, I'd be remiss if I didn't give you a few bullet points about burger-related items that I've been mulling over lately:

  • My buddy Brent has been working on a sauce I'd like to try - chopped caramelized onions and spicier pickles are in the mix.  Sounds intriguing.
  • I really want to re-visit Park Burger, Lark Burger, and probably Crave.
  • Fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce is underrated
  • Fat content in burgers is so crucial.  PLEASE don't make burgers at home with less than 80/20 beef.
  • I don't want In-n-Out to come to Denver.  It'd ruin the novelty for me.  Like when Krispy Kreme Doughnuts arrived -- so cool for about a month, and now nobody cares.
In light of the fact that I've not got a new review on deck, PLEASE SUBMIT GUEST REVIEWS IF YOU HAVE THEM!  Even a short review with a quick photo or two will delight this blog's 7 regular readers...


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  2. Ben can you give me some advice on how to form patties? I have a hard time on getting them to stick together as I am making them. Also, you are waaaaay off in comparing In-n-Out to having Krispy Kreme. Nobody cared about Krispy Kreme because they all discovered they made an awful airy donut that is just plain bad once the novelty wears off.

    I lived by In-n-Out for 9 years in Las Vegas and never grew tired of having awesome hamburgers there, with fresh fries, and incredible milkshakes. In-n-Out is not a fraud like Krispy Kreme.

  3. Ryan, great observations. In-n-Out is clearly superior to Krispy Kreme. There's just a part of me that likes that In-n-Out is not here in Denver, as it keeps it extra special to me. That being said, I'm sure I'd eat there a lot if I were here.

    For your patties, make sure you are using higher fat content beef. At least 20% fat, as that fat is what helps the beef stick together. Form them while the beef is cold, but don't pack them too tightly. If the patty crumbles a bit when cooking or eating, that's okay! You want that beef oxygenated! Also, don't salt the beef beforehand. Only salt after the patties are formed.

    I think cold, higher fat content beef will help a lot! Let me know how it goes.


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