Friday, August 19, 2011

OG Burgers - a burger food truck

Hey everyone. Ben here. This is another caveat blog post…just a singular review, not to be taken into account of the overall ranking of “best in Denver” (our other judges were absent). Here goes:

In the future, my buddy and I own a burger trailer of sorts. We travel around Denver serving up fine examples of the American cheeseburger. Quality and flavor are our motives. With that in mind, I decided to visit Civic Center Park last Thursday to try what I believe to be the only burger-only “food truck” in Denver: OG Burgers. Here’s their website:

I was excited. I am always game for a new burger experience, and I was interested in trying a quality burger from a food truck. “OG” stands for “original grass-fed”, and they tout their beef as local, Colorado cow…from farm to bun. The offer a wide range of clever toppings and sauces, and a decent brioche bun. The truck itself is very minimal: spray-painted, old, and lots of character.

I decided to keep my order simple, as I feel that’s the best way to:
1) Try a new burger spot and even the playing field
2) Let the quality of the beef really shine
3) Judge the overall experience, because if the basics aren’t satisfying, then I doubt a more complex burger would be.

With that said, I ordered a medium-rare burger, with sharp cheddar (they don’t offer American cheese…a TRAVESTY!), lettuce, tomato, onion, and mustard/ketchup. Then, things went downhill. FAST.

After a brief conversation with the owners, I had the distinct feeling they were not burger connoisseurs and that the whole idea of grass fed burgers in a food truck was some kind of novelty to them. As if burgers were just a route to profit instead of a true passion. The quality of the burger I was about to eat bore this out…I was massively disappointed. The guy flipping burgers even remarked, “Uh, I think this is closer to medium instead of medium-rare…just want to make sure it’s cooked…” What?

The meat was gray. There was SO much mustard and ketchup slathered on the burger that I literally couldn’t taste the meat anyway. The lettuce was shredded (which gets soggy, in my opinion). They don’t serve fries. It was like eating a bun covered in mustard. I felt like there was no concern for the almighty “ratio” of a good burger: beef to bun to cheese to toppings. It was just a total mess.

I left disheartened, and realized I probably should’ve visited the neighboring food truck from Steuben’s and got a burger there. To all you burger joints out there: for the sake of everything sacred in burgerdom, PLEASE do us all a favor and get out of the business if you aren’t obsessed with burgers! I bear no ill will towards the owners of OG Burgers…maybe it was off day for them…but unfortunately I won’t be returning.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Park Burger: Pearl Street

All of the Pure Burger bloggers can't resist the chance for a great burger experience. So, as Ben mentioned in his post below we are offering our insight individually, if necessary, to keep you hungry for more.

Mark and I (Jenna) had a chance to go out (sans kids) for a bite last week and headed for Pearl Street.

Park Burger delivered on flavor and atmosphere. We sat outside and enjoyed a lazy, quiet evening as the sun set. It was probably the perfect time to go for a couple of "old" people: Monday night, 7pm.

The burgers were perfection. I enjoyed the $1.50 sliders (their Monday night special pictured above) while Mark enjoyed an off-the-menu pick with caramelized onions and American cheese. The buns are made locally by Grateful Bread Company and were a real treat. And let's be honest, even a great burger on a mediocre bun is just that - mediocre.

Fries are ordered separately and we have to recommend The Works. What I would describe as shoe-string fries are crispy and wonderfully smothered with cheese, bacon, and fresh green onions. Sharing these was a good decision.

FYI: if you go when it's busy, be prepared to sit elbow to elbow indoors; bathrooms? don't go unless you have to.