Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pat LaFrieda beef

Pat LaFrieda beef is well known on the east coast, primarily New York City.  Personally, I've never eaten it, but it gets great reviews and is used in well-respected burgers.

Here's the thing.  You can now get Pat LaFrieda beef through US Foods, a nationwide food service that probably delivers food to a ton of restaurants you've been to.  Check out this LINK.

A buddy of mine just tasted it here in Denver.  We were both skeptical since it comes pre-formed and pre-ground.  But, here are my buddy Jeff's thoughts on it:

Okay - 8 oz, pre formed, Pat LaFrieda patty.  He doesn't tell you the fat content (but it was for sure 80/20 or more fat) He doesn't tell you the exact blend... but they said some chuck, some short rib, and then other cuts.

Salted and rubbed with a little oil and then thrown on the grill.  Nice crust b/c of the oil... grilled to a perfect medium rare.

REALLY good flavor, and just the right amount of juiciness. 
We had these buns that were part hamburger bun part croissant.  It was a little sweet, a little flakey, but the bottom was soft and held up to the moisture.  

On the burger was a melted slice of blue jack, part blue cheese (flavor) and part jack cheese (melt).  chopped raw white onion, thin sliced dill pickles, shredded green leaf lettuce (really nice touch) NO SAUCE...

Overall top 3 burger I have had in 2012


  1. 'Pre-formed" and still got the nod from the BB? That says a lot.

  2. I had this burger last night for the first time. When I grilled it I only salted and peppered. I added a piece of provolone and bit into it naked on a buttered, grilled onion bun. The meat was superior to any burger I can remember. I actually reccommend no condiments but maybe a great sauce, I am a condiment person, so this was suprising. The meat was so moist, juicy, and flavorful; I cannot imagine purchasing any other type of patty or grocery ground beef again. Luckily my wife works for US Foods.

    Restaurants and chefs: Try this patty, make us happy customers!

    MT Stomach,
    Indianapolis, IN

  3. We just had one for the first time flying out of LaGuardia. It was really the best IMO. Where did you have it in Denver? I'd love to check it out.


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