Sunday, March 11, 2012


I was in Burbank the last few days at an awesome conference.  No, it wasn't about burgers, but thankfully there was an In-n-Out about a 5 minute walk from the conference.  My friends and I went every that officially allowed me to eat 3 orders of fries, 1 milkshake, 2 Double Doubles, and 1 Three by Three (triple meat, triple cheese) in a 72 hour timespan.  Washed down with Coca-Cola, naturally.

I got in trouble for trying to take a video of their flat-top griddle (who knew?), but otherwise every experience was absolutely glorious.  Flat griddled fresh beef and gooey, thick American cheese that melts together with the perfectly caramelized onions and sticks to the paper wrapping.  Tomatoes and lettuce that burst inside your mouth with California, sun-kissed freshness.  Sponge dough buns that lovingly encase the aforementioned with nimbus cloud-like softness.  Fries that were, moments before consumption, whole potatoes.

I can't even write a full bore review of this place.  I can't even post any pictures.  It's too good, and I'd defile it by saying more or putting pictures on my lowly blog.

If you been, you'll understand.  If you've never been, you'd never had a fast-food style burger.

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  1. headed to AZ in a couple weeks for spring training and some in-n-out. will be a first time experience for's been a long wait, hope it's worth it.


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