Thursday, November 3, 2011

Burgers are Incredible

I made some burgers last night.  Let me give you the run down, and then critique my own work.  Ingredients as follows:

90/10 organic beef (kosher salted and peppered)
Wonder classic white buns
extra sharp cheddar cheese
fresh hot house tomato
fresh iceberg lettuce
caramelized onion
burger sauce (a blend of mayo, ketchup, vinegar, sugar, sweet relish, and paprika)

In-n-Out Burger is doubtless the inspiration for my creation last night, as I served double cheeseburgers.  Using the smash method (an American tradition that involves placing a ball of beef on the griddle and then smashing it with a spatula), I was able to get a nice, salty crust on the burger.  The biggest downfall was the 90/10 beef blend.  It's passable when cooked medium rare, but anything beyond that and the low fat content simply results in patties that are too dry.

The produce was the high point.  I am tempted to say that iceberg and hothouse tomatoes are simply as good as it gets when it comes to standard burger roughage.  Word to the wise: properly caramelized onions take forever.  Give yourself a good 45 minutes to let those babies get soft and brown before you fire up the griddle or grill.

I wish I would've stopped to get some American cheese slices.  The sharp cheddar is fine, but who was I trying to kid?  American cheese is the greatest burger cheese, and I lamented its absence last night.

The buns were fine.  Basic grocery bread.  I am THIS CLOSE to putting in a $25 order to have some specialty buns shipped from the east coast.  Martin's Potato Rolls.  Look them up.  I hear they are the BEST.

The burger sauce was great (on the fries as well), but I really want to investigate some sort of special recipe...adding spices, chiles, garlic, I don't know.  I think a great sauce can really be a signature element of a burger, and I am still using a very basic concoction.

All in all, it was a great meal.  Let me know if you ever want to get together and make burgers.


  1. Who can ever accuse you of snobbery when you clothe your burger in a Wonder bun and American cheese! No one, I tell you!!!

    American cheese IS the best. It sacrifices all it has to elevate the burger to its proper heights. It takes no glory for itself, yet lends itself unflichingly to the perfection.

  2. Oh how I would have loved to have been in your kitchen watching you frantically and obsessively creating your labor of love. I've seen you in action before ... it's classic Ben. I love your Burger Blog. Never stop.

  3. This blog is way to much fun! I love hearing about other peoples love for Good food.

    I see here that you are talking about home made burgers & I wanted to share one of my fav's. The Meatloaf Deluxe (Originally inspired by Tippins).
    Meatloaf by itself is, well ok. But really the only reason I even bother with it is the Glory of the next days left over's!
    1. I cut the Meatloaf generously 1" thick.
    2. Sear in non stick pan with Real Butter.
    3. Melt American Cheese on top
    4. Place on bun with L,T,O, & I like 1000 island dressing.
    5. Enjoy

    This really qualifies as more of a Specialty
    burger. May not be for a purist. But just thinking about it makes me happy!
    I think I'll make Meatloaf tonight :)


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