Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free McDonalds For A Year

I'm not a huge McDonald's fan.

Actually, let me rephrase that.  If you are an American, you were probably at one time a huge McDonald's fan.  Growing up, McDonald's was the BEST.  My 3-year old son loves it.  And because in some ways McDonald's is my earliest memories of cheeseburgers, my guess is that something genetically happens to a young boy's mind that cements it in his brain as some sort of life-long enjoyable flavor.  That's happened to me.  I'm 30 years old now, but when I buy my son a cheeseburger at McDonald's, that part of my brain fires up and I can't resist taking a bite.

I'm not even sure I'd consider it a "cheeseburger".  It's in a world all it's own.  It's not a burger, it's McDonald's.  I hope that makes sense to some of you.  In my defense, I NEVER go out of my way to actually eat a full meal at McDonald's.

Until now.

A location close to my house just re-opened after they rebuilt their building.  First 100 people in line at 6am this morning got a coupon for a FREE VALUE MEAL PER WEEK FOR ONE YEAR.  I know, crazy.

My buddy Dave and I camped out last night.  We were first in line, got about 3-4 hours of sleep, and should've done a documentary on our experience.  Dave was the mastermind behind it, and spent the weeks leading up to the event emailing the management, scoping the scene, planning the details, and laying awake at night in anticipation.  His efforts paid off handsomely, and now we are both going to be growing fat on McDonald's this year.

Maybe I'll use my free weekly value meal on my kids.  But maybe I won't...a Big Mac somehow sounds amazing right now.


  1. Nice work. Wish I had 52 of my next year's worth of meals for free!

  2. I think all human beings were born with a genetic marker for McDonalds.

    If only Bathsheba had bathed on the roof of McDonald's David would have sent his messenger to get a Quarter Pounder with cheese instead of her.

  3. wait, is this the one off church/santa fe??? dangit...wish i woulda known.

  4. cool stuff! congrats! If the two cheeseburger value meal still exists, you could get that and share one with your boy.

  5. like you, i grew up on happy meals and two cheeseburger value meals. at age 16 I swore off mcdonald's because it just didn't taste good any more. probably because i worked their for a brief stint. anyway, after a 9 year hiatus, i went back. i had a quarter pounder with cheese. you know the saying "you can't go home again"? well, apparently you can't go to mcdonald's again either. it was miserable. you're right in saying you can't call it a burger, because it doesn't taste like beef. my cousin angela used to tell me when we were little that mcdonald's used kangaroo meat... maybe she's right?

    congrats on the free meals. hopefully this blog will earn you some burgers OUT from down under.


  6. I know exactly how you feel.
    Logically McDonalds hamburgers are crap. But...yes...???Big Mac??? somehow calls my name ever once in a while. It says "Kallie! How good would i be right now! Why don't you come by and see."
    Inevitably, I end up disappointed. But by that point I have I completely finish my burger and lick my fingers until I realize my disappointment.
    I don't know there is something weird about that place. :)


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