Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey everyone!  Now there's an easy way to get to the blog.  The new web address is!

This will make it really easy to tell your family, restauranteur acquaintances, college roommates, gorge buddies, kids, fellow burger lovers, and arch enemies about the blog!  And anyone else you can think of!  Where burger nobility and chivalry live on!


  1. Am I being paranoid or does the fat guy have KH (my initials) all over his arms? I think he wants to eat me.

  2. I agree on your assesment of elways. I also believe they do not use ground round in the burger rather it is the left overs from the new york strips, fillets, and rib-eye's ground to perfection, hence the fragrant-cy? :)

  3. Yes, it's ground steak, but 100% sirloin said our waitress. Interestingly, dry aged beef (which is what they use) is known to be more fragrant! Quite tasty.


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