Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Great Tip

From the Burger Lab:
"So what's the moral of the story? Unless you like your burgers with the resilient bouncy texture of a sausage, refrain from getting the meat anywhere near the salt until just before you cook it. In a way, this totally makes sense. Sausage meat is seasoned well before grinding in order to perform this very function: breaking down the meat proteins to form a tighter, more cohesive structure.
A burger's joy lies on the other end of the spectrum. A loose, coarse, open structure is a desirable characteristic, allowing the meat to break down into small pieces in your mouth, while providing plenty of hiding spots for hot juices to collect inside the patty, ready to gush and dribble out the moment you bite into it."


  1. Good to know! Also what is your preference on how to salt, do you mix it in before you form the patties or do you sprinkle it onto your formed patty?

  2. Definitely salt AFTER I form the patty


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