Thursday, December 8, 2011

We Ground our Own Patties

Last night, I tried to reverse the bad burger luck that I felt sticking to my soul after my unfortunate H Burger experience.  So, me and a few buddies did the only sensible thing.  Visited a butcher and ground our own patties.

The breakdown from Tony's meat market was thus: a good size portion of chuck, 4 short ribs, and another portion of brisket.  Our fat content was probably 30% (est.).  We ground the beef quite coarse, loosely packed it, and griddle-cooked it with some kosher salt and pepper to a perfect mid-rare.

Potato buns, iceberg, hot house, and onion, plus a homemade 1000 Island-type spread.  Simplicity at it's finest.

While not perfect (we're still experimenting with cooking methods, flipping the burgers, ratios, fat content, and salting), the burgers were far and away better than many I've cooked.

Can't beat fresh beef, freshly ground, cooked to temp.


  1. Is there a huge price difference to pre-ground & Grinding it yourself?

    1. Generally speaking, yes! I think the biggest key is to form the burger yourself, but if you can grind it too, it helps a lot!

      Worst: frozen pre-formed pre-ground
      Next to worst: fresh pre formed pre ground
      Next to best: fresh pre ground, formed by hand
      Best: fresh ground fresh formed!!!


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