Thursday, December 29, 2011

Serious Burger - Appleton, WI

Today's review comes from the great Midwest (Appleton, Wisconsin) and a great friend of mine, Josh Rolfing.  We've been eating burgers together for years, and he was kind enough to write a review for Pure Burger!  From Josh:

Iʼve been following a while now and have been inspired to enjoy, rather than inhale, the burgers I consume. This led me to Serious Burger.  As the name implies, this burger joint doesnʼt mess around (there is a large cleaver in their logo). I did some research and learned they just opened up this past summer and are 100% organic and use lots of local ingredients. I had a ton of questions and hoped a manager or better yet, the owner, could scratch the itch.

We were in luck. Owner at the register ready to take our order. Hereʼs what I learned.
Meat - Meyerʼs Natural Angus of CO. Delivered fresh. Never frozen. Blend of 4 different steak meats. The owner hunkered behind the word “proprietary” when I shot him with questions concerning the types of meat used, how it was prepped, cooked, etc. Heʼs trying to franchise, so I canʼt blame him, but he did mention, it is NOT a smash style burger.

Buns -- French Brioche. Baked daily. Said the recipe is his own and was developed over the course of 6 months.

Little restaurant with a modern feel. Big display boards with simple menu options and information. Think Chipotle.

I ordered a simple burger. 6 oz single patty cooked medium. American cheese. Lettuce. Tomato. Ketchup and Mayo on the side. It was good...dang good. Meat was delivered medium as promised and had that great crumbly texture. I would have enjoyed a bit more grease, but the burger was by no means dry...I just love fat in liquid form. The cheese was thick, had a good melt, and great flavor (local WI cheese) You can see it in the pic...the cheese was cooked a bit on the grill. Assuming it was intentional.

The buns were incredible. Warm, soft, a bit chewy and a slight sweet taste to them. Really good.

My wife had the Southwest Steak Burger - guac, tomato, chipotle mayo, crispy fried onions, pepper jack and aged cheddar. Great robust flavor, wasnʼt sloppy and didnʼt overpower the patty.

This guy is serious about burgers and everything that goes into making them great. Ben and I are franchising. We just need someone with some serious cash. Pun intended. 

Some pics:

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  1. I am ready for a burger now! I am happy to hear that someone else likes medium...I would like to try rare but something is holding me back.


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