Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Park Burger: Pearl Street

All of the Pure Burger bloggers can't resist the chance for a great burger experience. So, as Ben mentioned in his post below we are offering our insight individually, if necessary, to keep you hungry for more.

Mark and I (Jenna) had a chance to go out (sans kids) for a bite last week and headed for Pearl Street.

Park Burger delivered on flavor and atmosphere. We sat outside and enjoyed a lazy, quiet evening as the sun set. It was probably the perfect time to go for a couple of "old" people: Monday night, 7pm.

The burgers were perfection. I enjoyed the $1.50 sliders (their Monday night special pictured above) while Mark enjoyed an off-the-menu pick with caramelized onions and American cheese. The buns are made locally by Grateful Bread Company and were a real treat. And let's be honest, even a great burger on a mediocre bun is just that - mediocre.

Fries are ordered separately and we have to recommend The Works. What I would describe as shoe-string fries are crispy and wonderfully smothered with cheese, bacon, and fresh green onions. Sharing these was a good decision.

FYI: if you go when it's busy, be prepared to sit elbow to elbow indoors; bathrooms? don't go unless you have to.

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  1. great review...the 1/3 lb burger with American cheese and carmelized onions...medium rare...i think it's my favorite in Denver.


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